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Look, Mommy! There's a ducky on my foot!

Zooties Toddler Footwear guarantees lots of laughter and fun for everyone. Delight your baby with a "foot friendly" animal. As we all know from experience, babies love their feet! They'll be even more delighted with them when their clad in a whimsical pair of Zooties Booties.

Soft, yet sturdy, adorable animal footwear includes a wide range of "foot friends" to pick from. Whales and sharks, pandas and elephants, penguins, turtles, bumble bees, bunnies and many more! There's a Zootie to delight every baby.

Zooties are handcrafted from felt made from locally sourced sheep's wool.  Padded with a rubber sole and a felt velcro strap.  Made for babies up to 12 months.

Baby Apparel & Booties
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