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Beach Ball Earrings - Green Blue - Lucias Imports (J) USA
Chunky Stone Necklace - Turquoise - Lucias Imports (J)
Howlite Spiral Pendant - Artisana
Kantha Beaded Hoop Earrings - USA
Stamped Recycled Cooking Pot 'Earth Lover' Earrings - Zakali Creations
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Rishima Druzy Drop Necklace - Citrine - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
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Sahel Necklace Wine - Global Mamas (Jewelry)
Bollywood Earrings - Ashoka - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
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Roulette Red Tiger Eye Brass Earrings - Brass Images (E)
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Circle Chain Necklace in Sugar Pink - Faire Collection
Kantha Beaded Fan Earrings - USA
Kantha Tribal Necklace - assorted - USA
Kantha Drop Earrings - USA
Kantha Disc Hoop Earrings - USA
Kantha Beaded Bib Necklace - USA
Traditional Ceramic Ocarina Necklace - Jamtown World Instruments
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Earrings: Lauren Midnight - Marquet (J)
Earrings: Jane Oceana - Marquet (J)
Vitana Necklace - Deco Disc - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Jaladhi Necklace - Water Goddess - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Bollywood Earrings - Tulsi - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Tara Stone Crescent Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
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Indira Crystal Cascade Necklace - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Abbakka Arrowhead Necklace - Rose - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Naomi Earrings - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
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Buddha Knot Necklace - Silver - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Selene Hoop Earrings - Silver - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Padma Earrings - Blue - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Viti Earrings - Silvertone - Matr Boomie (Jewelry)
Multicolor Rainbow Glass Pebbles Earrings Handmade and Fair Trade
Small Rectangular Glass Earrings - Green Bubbles Handmade and Fair Trade
Coffee Bean Design Small Glass Earrings - Tili Glass
Black Tie Design Small Glass Earrings - Tili Glass
Kantha Graduated Bead Statement Necklace - USA
Kantha Garland Necklace - USA
Fire Design Small Glass Earrings - Tili Glass
212 results
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