Zooties | Toddler Footwear

Look, Mommy! There's a whale on my foot!

Zooties Toddler Footwear guarantees lots of laughter and fun for everyone. Delight your toddler with their choice of "foot friendly" animal.

Soft, yet sturdy, adorable animal footwear includes a wide range of "foot friends" to pick from. Whales and sharks, penguins and peacocks, ladybugs, raccoons, giraffes, bunnies and many more! There's a Zootie to suit every child's imagination.

Zooties are handcrafted from felt made from locally sourced sheep's wool.  Padded with a rubber sole and a felt velcro strap.  Double layered and sized for toddlers age 1 to 2. 

Zooties | Toddler Footwear
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