This dual-purpose bar is the perfect travel companion! Not only is it terrific for hand washing laundry while you are on the go, it also lathers up really well to do dishes (camping trip, anyone??). It's also super-handy at home as the helpful companion to our ChoiceTM Laundry Powder . . . together these two get some incredible stains out! Another feature? This bar is made with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. Why? Salt water results in a long-lasting bar that will withstand friction against different fabrics better, and we have salt water in abundance practically in the front yard! Finally, it's gentle on our hands, as well. We love, love, love this product <3 Features & uses: Unscented, gluten-free, vegan, for all skin types, for home & travel, unisex, for all ages, cloth diapers, 2-in-1 (laundry & dishes) Instructions: • Hand wash laundry: Thoroughly wet fabric, rub bar onto fabric to make a lather, hand wash and rinse as usual. • Stain removal (Option 1): Wet fabric, rub bar onto stain. Rub fabric until stain is gone (or roll up and leave for a few hours), then rinse and launder as usual. • Stain removal (Option 2): Wet fabric, make a paste with a small amount of ChoiceTM laundry Powder, rub paste and bar onto stain. Rub fabric until stain is gone (or roll up and leave for a few hours), then rinse and launder as usual. • Dishes: Rub bar onto brush or dish cloth to create bubbles and get water soapy. Wash dishes, rinse well and set to dry. Ingredients: Water from the Atlantic Ocean, vegetable shortening (soybean oil, palm oil [sustainably harvested]), coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye - see note below) Hand-cut bar size: Approximately 110 grams. Please note, moisture evaporates from the bars as they cure, so weight varies depending on the age of the bar. Best value hints: • This bar is cured to last. That said, allow it to dry between uses and it will last the longest possible. • Cut full-sized bars into smaller pieces to use at more than one sink or to keep for later. • Store spare bars in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heaters (avoid airtight containers and plastic bags). General notes: • Please avoid eyes. • Do not eat this product. • When travelling wrap the bar in a cloth, never in a plastic bag. The cloth will allow the bar to breathe and dry out while protecting your other items from the soap Our product-testing promise: We promise that all of our products are tested in-house on ourselves, and by family members and friends. We do not conduct tests on animals, even pet shampoo, which is tested on ourselves before using it on any pet.

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