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What a beguiling little face this Common Scops Owl Butter Dish presents to the world! He will be the talk of your dinner table.

Ardmore Ceramics displays a deft ability to portray wildlife in exquisite detail.

This butter dish closely resembles the Common Scops Owl, most often found in Africa north of the Sahara from Morocco to Tunisia.

Delight your guests and inspire conversation with this beautiful ceramic dish.

  • 3.14" High
  • 6.29" Long
  • 3.93" Wide
Jacob Khomare Thobani
Sculptor Painter

Jacob came to Ardmore through an admiration for painter Zinhle Nene, who has been painting at Ardmore for many years. Jacob's wonderfully detailed sculptures have been shown in many international exhibitions. Jacob particularly enjoys making dishes, platters and trays. He says that making each piece "keeps his mind busy" and that he is always thinking about his art.åÊ We know that shows in his beautiful pieces!



Jacob Khomare | Ardmore Ceramics Sculptor | Shop By Southern AfricaåÊ



Here's a neat little video of a Common Scops Owl. We think you'll agree they are indeed beguiling little creatures!

Video Source: Systema Naturae

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