Elephant Teapot | The Ardmore Collection | Fine Ceramic Art

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Gosh, oh gee, oh my, oh me! I'm living in an animal menagerie.

Children's songs aside, this beautiful fine ceramic Elephant Teapot will make you feel young at heart!

Just imagine the looks on your guest's faces when you pour a delicious cup of tea out of this whimsical find.

As we're sure you are aware, the African Elephant is horribly preyed upon by poachers. We've recently read statistics saying that up to 25,000 are killed each year. Remember, extinction is forever! Zawadee donates 2% of all sales related to wildlife to charities supporting endangered or vulnerable species.

We're not ashamed to admit that we really enjoy National Geographic Kids videos. They are fun and chock full of facts. Watch this video from their Amazing Animals series - The Amazing African Elephant - to learn more about these majestic creatures.

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