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Handwoven and hand finished, this beautiful scarf is a fashion accessory you will have forever. Created in merino with a bamboo finish, the Sahara collection is a wardrobe "must have".

Available in a variety of colours, this generously sized scarf will take you from season to season with panache.

Merino fibres are much finer than those of other breeds of sheep. Which is why merino wool feels softer to the skin and has many more advantages as well.
  1. Merino fibres promote excellent temperature regulation: When it is cold, the fibres keep you warm thanks to their finely crimpy structure which retains insulating air. When it is warm, the wool has a cooling effect due to its high breathability.
  2. The surface of the fibre is dirt- and water-repellent whereas the inside of the fibre can absorb water without feeling wet. And in comparison to down, the wool retains its thermo-regulating property even if it is wet.
  3. Merino wool is a natural, renewable commodity and therefore bio-degradable.
  4. Merino wool inhibits smells. Keratin, the protein the fibre is made of, breaks down bacteria which cause smells. A further advantage is that the surface of the fibre stays relatively dry which inhibits bacterial growth. On the one hand it is enjoyable to wear (and good to companions' noses too), and on the other hand it is environmentally friendly and practical: Merino products have to be washed less often and can be used several times on multiple-day tours.
  5. Merino wool is an easy care product. It hardly creases and is quick-drying.
  6. Merino wool offers natural UV protection.

Bamboo is a wonderful fabric. It is antibacterial - keeps you odour free and feeling and smelling fresh. Highly sweat absorbent (Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation - moisture wicking) - keeps you dry. Powerfully insulating - keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Size: 40 x 180 cm

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