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A nestling bird is sheltered and protected by it's mother. What a lovely metaphor for the way in which we care and nurture our loved ones!

Beautifully detailed, this Limited Edition, one-of-a-kind sculpture was created in cobalt stone by renowned Shona Stone artist, Aleck Jacob Joramu.Simple and elegant in form, this piece is ideally suited to home, office, hotel or condo decor and can be displayed in an interior or exterior setting.

Mother & Child Reunion | Shona Stone Sculpture | Aleck Jacob

Aleck started sculpting in 1992, during weekends and after school. He assisted a prominent artist, Jack Jonasi, who inspired Aleck's interest in sculpting. In 1997, Aleck went to Tengenenge with some of his sculptures, to begin his career as a solo artist.

Aleck's art is based on the environment. His art is expressed in birds, flowers and abstract sculpture. Aleck mines for his own cobalt and opal stone. 

  • Limited Edition (one of a kind)
  • 10.23" Long
  • 5.90" Wide
  • 31.49" High
  • Cobalt Stone

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