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Welcome to the magical wonderland of Ardmore ceramic art where . . .

R is for Rhinoceros

Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass provided a sense of whimsy for so many children. Lewis Carroll created so many fantastical creatures to populate these tales.

Remarkably, Alice in Wonderland has been translated in 175 languages and is enjoyed world round.

When we think about fantastic creatures who truly exist in our natural world, the Rhinoceros comes to mind. If we tried to "make this creature up", it couldn't possibly be as amazing as the real thing.

Which makes it even sadder to contemplate that while the black and the white rhino have both increased in numbers in recent years, due to successful conservation efforts, both species are again at risk due to a huge surge in poaching.

This teapot pays delightful homage to the Rhinoceros. Just imagine the delight on your guest's faces when you pour them a cup from this magical piece of fine ceramic art!

Delight your guests and inspire conversation with this beautiful.


Since 2002, Fiko has worked on a variety of Ardmore Ceramics, being mentored by Punch Shabalala (a leading Ardmore painter), whose footsteps Fiko aspires to follow. Fiko's work has been shown in every Ardmore exhibition since 2004. And again, what a family affair?! Fiko is one of three sisters who work together in the painting studio! We think Fiko's painting is a beautiful contribution to this lovely piece.

Fiso Ardmore Fine Ceramics Hyena Teapot African Hyena Kitchen and Tableware


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