Solola Eyeglass/Cell Phone Pouch in Purple - Maya Traditions (P)

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This eyeglass case with corded strap is made of fabric hand woven on the backstrap loom by the Solola weavers' group. Open case is padded with a pocket on the back and zipper closure for stashing credit cards. Size: 3.5 inches x 7 inches with 40 inch strap.

Meet the Artisans

Maya Traditions

Maya Traditions works with more than 100 Maya women in five established groups in rural Guatemala. Predominantly working with women who do backstrap weaving, an ancient traditional art in Guatemala which women can do at home while caring for their families. In addition, they work with a group of women crochet artisans, footloom weavers, and small family businesses to establish a Guatemala wholesale market for artisans.