TIAFULKI Geometric Silver Pendant with Tassels and Beads


TIAFULKI means nice or you beauty.

This necklace is both nice and a true beauty. Five intricately etched triangles are surmounted by an arresting circular shape. Each of the bottom triangles are tasseled. Shown in a combination of orange beading and fine sterling silver, this necklace is available in a variety of different bead colours. The necklace itself is a lovely combination of silver and black beads.

The shape is eye-catching, the intricate etching simply stunning and the combination of fine sterling silver and black beading is superb.

This necklace is a statement piece - suitable for either casual or dress-up wear. We guarantee it will get you compliments!

Beautifully executed in sterling silver using Tuareg techniques passed down for countless generations.

The Azel Collection is produced by artisans who possess generations of techniques, skills and designs. Tuareg Jewelry is distinctive and dramatic in general, however, the execution of this collection is simply superb.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Handcrafted

The Azel Collection | Distinctive, Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

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