Tifinagh Tuareg Circular Earrings | Silver and Turquoise Colour Stones

SKU: ZWD5019

These gorgeously unique silver and turquoise colour stone earrings are hand crafted from 99% pure silver by the renowned Koumama Collective. For pierced ears.


• Approx. 2" long, 2 1/4" from ear, 99% Silver and Turquoise Colored Stone
• 99% Fine Silver, Higher Silver Content than Sterling Silver (Sterling Silver .925)
• Artist: Elhadji Koumama
• Tribe: Tuareg of Niger
• Handmade, Exact Patterns and Motifs May Vary

The round tops of these earrings have letters from the Tifinagh alphabet (thought to be derived from ancient Berber script) inscribed on them. Each one is different. 

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