Shona Stone Sculpture | Exploring the Natural World

"A rock is like a fruit. You don't eat them without peeling them first. I open the rocks. The fruit is inside."

So said, Bernard Matemera, one of the founders of The Shona Stone Movement.

Shona stone sculptors learn by watching masters, by observing the stone and finally by picking up their tools and applying themselves to the stone. It is a contemplative art!

A contemplative art that produces some of the world's most remarkable sculpture. Shona Stone sculptors draw their inspiration from traditional culture (the mythology, folklore, rituals and beliefs that remain strong within Zimbabwean life), from the natural world and man's relationship with nature (reflecting the country's deep rural roots) and from family (especially women - dancers, mother and child, parental love and devotion).

Our Shona Stone sculptures are Limited Edition pieces - one of a kind works of art created by some of the world's foremost Shona Stone artists.

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Shona Stone Sculpture | Exploring the Natural World
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